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Unified Program

Senate Bill 1082 of 1993 required the Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA) to establish a “unified hazardous waste and hazardous materials management” regulatory program (Unified Program) by January 1, 1996. The Unified Program consolidates, coordinates, and makes consistent the following six existing programs:

  • Hazardous Materials Release Response Plans and Inventories (Business Plans),
  • California Accidental Release Prevention (CalARP) Program,
  • Underground Storage Tank Program,
  • Aboveground Petroleum Storage Act Requirements for Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans,
  • Hazardous Waste Generator and Onsite Hazardous Waste Treatment (tiered permitting) Programs,
  • California Uniform Fire Code: Hazardous Material Management Plans and Hazardous Material Inventory Statements.

The Calaveras County Environmental Health Department has been certified by Cal/EPA to implement the Unified program as a Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA). As a CUPA, the Department must establish a program that consolidates, coordinates and makes consistent the administrative requirements, permits, inspection activities, enforcement activities, and hazardous waste and hazardous materials fees. The implementation of the Unified Program must not result in more fragmentation between jurisdictions than existed before the Unified Program, and the Unified Program must be consistent throughout the entire county.

Unified Program Consolidated Forms

CUPA-Consolidated Permit Application Package

CA Environmental Protection Agency Unified Program

Underground Storage Tanks - Local Implementing Agency

The Department functions as the Local Implementing Agency (LIA) for oversight of the Underground Storage Tank (UST) program in Calaveras County. This State mandated program includes inspections, permitting, monitoring, installation and removal of underground storage tanks as required by the California Health and Safety Code and California Code of Regulations. This office provides oversight of site remediation with soil contamination while Cal/EPA - California Regional Water Quality Control Board - Central Valley Region oversees remediation of sites with groundwater contamination.

Every UST contains hazardous substances. The goal of the program is to protect public health, safety and the environment through protection of groundwater and surrounding soils. The UST program was recently incorporated into the Unified Program as one of the six elements that make up the Unified Program.

Underground Storage Tanks - Local Implementing Agency (LIA) Links:

    Calaveras County Code - Title 8, Chapter 8.18
    Storage in Underground Storage Tanks

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