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California has the most comprehensive pesticide regulatory system in the nation. The County Agricultural Commissioner is responsible for implementation of this statewide program at the local level. The Pesticide Use Enforcement Program includes annual registration of Agricultural and Structural Pest Control Businesses, Pest Control Advisors and Farm Labor Contractors that work in the County. The Program includes issuance of Restricted Materials Permits, Operator Identification Numbers (for non-restricted agricultural pesticides), and monitoring of pesticides applied in the County through a mandatory use reporting system. The Agricultural Commissioner's staff verifies compliance with pesticide laws by periodic inspections of pesticide applications, mixing and loading operations, employee headquarters inspections and inspection of pesticide storage facilities. Staff also investigates all reports of pesticide related illnesses, crop losses, pesticide drift and wildlife losses, as well as complaints of other alleged misuse of pesticides in the County that may be detrimental to human health and safety or the environment. It should be noted, however, that neither the County Agricultural Commissioner nor CDPR has jurisdiction over pesticides applied on or to any federal lands or facilities.

CalAg Permits

Web based electronic use reporting program.  

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Pest Detection Program
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    California Pesticide Infomation Portal

    This link will take pesticide users to the PRESCRIBE database maintained by the Department of Pesticide Regulation. This database allows pesticide users to look up their respective properties for information related to endangered, threatened and rare species. It allows them to enter the pesticides they might be using in a particular section township and range.

    The database will provide mitigation measures, if any, to lessen the impact of pesticide use on species of concern or their habitats.

    Entering Pesticide Use Reports and Notice of Intents Electronically

    If you would like to use AGRIAN to enter your data use the link below. They will provide you with a user ID and password. You can also view labels, MSDS Sheets and make maps of your sites here.

    The service is free to growers.

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